Enviro – 31st July 2017

In this edition of Enviro:

In part one of the show…

  • Remembering poet Francis Ledwidge – 100 anniversary of his death 31/7/17. This ENVIRO program coincided with the anniversary.
  • Forest Friends interns Federica, Giuliana, and Lorena from Archita high school Taranto Southern Italy told our listeners about their hometown, their school and their interest in Irish heritage and mythology.
  • Kevin McCorry explained important issues contained in the latest edition of the ‘Peoples News’ 086 3150301 including some implications of International Trade Agreements and the increasing militarisation of the EU.
  • Jennifer Brady talked about practical measures to help save a unique bird, the swift.
  • Reference was made to the fact that the EU is considering extending licence for herbicide glyphosate which is constituent of Roundup. Some studies have concluded that it is carcinogenic


In part two of the show…

  • John Gibbons, of An Taisce’s Climate Change Committee: +353 87 233 2689 012710211 explained in detail An Taisce’s assessment of the deficiencies of the Irish government’s Climate Change Mitigation Plan and the implications of ‘kicking the can down the road’ as it were which could prove very costly in the long run. He pointed out that important decisions are being postponed and that the plan lacks specific measures necessary to achieve clearly defined goals.
  • Eli McBett explained that Martina Shannon will open the ‘Dross Revolution’ studio in the Moat Mall, Main Street Naas, Co. Kildare (behind Benetton) on Sunday August 6 at 2 pm www.drossevolution.com. Eli is one of a group of artists whose work will be exhibited in the studios. The artists will make use of recycled materials in their sculptures. Martina’s phone 085 151 9626. John made reference to the following subjects which will be covered in further programs of ENVIRO:
    – The Microbeads issue
    – ‘Ten Fold engineering’-innovations in house design (article Daily Express 15/7/17)
    – Bear bile farming in Laos- While some countries have cracked down on this illegal and cruel practice, Laos has become a Mecca for bear bile farmers. To sign a petition for Laos to cease this inhumane practice see Care 2 Petition web site.
  • MUSIC: John played Eric Bogle’s ‘No Man’s Land’, (the original title), which was sung under the title ‘the Green Fields of France’ by Pat Woods: and ‘Gallipoli’ (Swan/Doyle) recorded live by the Fureys and Davy Arthur at Dublin’s National Stadium.


Presenter: John Haughton

Panellists: Joseph Dunne, Eli McBett and Jennifer Brady

Italian student Forest Friends Ireland interns: Federica, Lorena & Giuliana