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The Teachers Musical Society are delighted to announce the Dublin Premiere of their new musical production. “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. Myra Gleeson speaks to Laura Brennan, a member of [...]

University College Dublin (UCD) a team of researchers are urging people with Psoriasis across Ireland to sign up for a new study examining their risk of developing Psoriasis – related [...]

Sarah Cregan from the University of Limerick joins Emma Farrell to discuss How playing video games may improve attention and memory, new research finds. 1st broadcast on 27/02/2024 [...]

Rebecca O’Keefe of Sports For Palestine, joins Emma Farrell to discuss the Sports washing of the ongoing conflict in Gaza. 1st broadcast on 27/02/2024 [...]

Angela Shafer from the Northside Partnership joins Emma Farrell to discuss an asylum seeker work experience pilot programme with Speedpack. 1st broadcast on 27/02/2024 [...]