Gateways Part 1

“Gateways” is a four part radio documentary on Dublin. The documentary hears from the people who live near, work at and are connected to the Airport. We talk to present and former employees of not only the major corporate entities  at the Airport but also those who work in some of the ancillary businesses based at the Airport, along with those involved at a legislative and management level.

The series concentrates on the people who contribute to everyday life in this unique North Dublin transport hub. From the Fire Chief to retired graphic designers, we learn what makes Dublin Airport special in the eyes of the travelling public. The series also looks at the positive influence the Airport has had on the community of North County Dublin.

Topics as varied as the Swords Young Musician of the Year imitative and the role of the customs sniffer dogs are discussed and the listener is given a personal behind the scenes look at Dublin Airport.

Broadcasted at 3.30pm, Thursday the 16th of October and airing every Thursday for 4 weeks.
October 16th, 23rd, 30th and November 6th 2014

St. Annes Park Run – 1st Anniversary

Fergus Carroll brings us some interviews and Speeches from Saint Annes Park Weekly Run.

The run was celebrating its first anniversary and Lord Mayor Christy Burke was on hand to present some prizes.

Leslie Murphy speaks to Siobhan Brady

Leslie Murphy speaks to Siobhan Brady about her story, & mental health in general and the importance of reducing stigma

‘A Woman, a Dog & a Walnut Tree’ + Panel Discussion on Domestic Abuse

Near Drama Company present, Denis Byrne’s radio play,
“A Woman, A Dog & A Walnut Tree” a radio play performed LIVE on Near FM on the 15th of October 2014.

The play is set in the cooking area of a Refuge Centre for married women who have suffered at the hands of violent spouses. It is the present and past stories of three women from different backgrounds.

Marge, the oldest, has little or no education, and has sought asylum in the Centre together with her three children, who are referred to during the play, as she ferries food to them offstage. She is a feisty individual with a typical Dublin accent. Thelma is a doctor’s wife, well educated, and eventually having been driven to violence herself after years of enduring her husband’s jealous rages which inevitably led to physical violence on many occasions. But was what she carried out spontaneous, or had she deliberately provoked her spouse on the night she did the deed?

Amanda has sought refuge in the Centre after accidently discovering her controlling and violent husband had been sexually abusing her eight-year-old daughter since she was six while she was out of the house. He has never penetrated the child, but made her do things which no child should ever have to endure. Without proof, Amanda cannot have him charged. He discovers where she is and threatens in a letter that he is taking the matter to court to regain custody of his daughter. Amanda, against all advice, decides to go and plead with him not to go through with it. But he merely laughs and sneers at her, telling her that because of her past mental history, he’ll have no problem winning custody. Then he beats her up and throws her out.

What follows when Amanda returns to the Centre leads to a tragic conclusion after she’s come to her final decision to protect her daughter.

The play is followed up by a panel discussion on the topic of domestic abuse, with a number of experts.

Sound supervision: Gavin Byrne
Broadcasting assistant: Deborah Gaffney
Announcer: Carol Dempsey
Narrator: Niamh Murphy
Producer…. Declan Cahill
Facilitator …. Debbie McMahon

Marge ….. Francis Keogh
Joe……….. Joe Murphy
Thelma….. Ann Loughney
Michael….. Peter Prior
Amanda…. Mary McNamara
Paul……….. Michael Sharp

Dr Niamh Roche – Bat Conservation Ireland

Dr Niamh Roche talks to Mark Finnegan about their new publication “Irish Bats in the 21st Century”. Niamh talks about the different species of bats found around Ireland and the important role they play in our ecosystem.You can find out more on their website here.

Kasia Timofiejew – Development Officer @ Dublin Volunteer Centre

Mark Finnegan talks to Kasia Timofiejew from Dublin City Volunteer Centre about their upcoming Volunteer Recruitment Fair. The fair will take place on Tuesday October 21st from 4 – 8 pm in the Carmelite Community Centre, Aungier Street Dublin 2. There will be a varied amount of exhibitors at the fair, offering a wide selection of volunteering opportunities. You can find more information on the Volunteer Fair and the work of the Volunteer Centre here.

Sarah Ryan – Director of Campaigns @ One Big Switch

Mark Finnegan is joined by Sarah Ryan from One Big Switch to talk about their latest campaign.Following on from their very successful Energy campaign last year, One Big Switch have turned their attention to Health Insurance. Sarah explains how the Big Switch works and how people can get involved. More information about One Big Switch is available on their website here.

Water Charges – Sinn Fein Councillor Míchael Mac Donnchá

Noel McGuinness talks to Sinn Fein Councillor, Míchael Mac Donnchá about the continuing Anti Water Charge protests in North East Dublin.

Water Charges – A report from Noel McGuinness

John Healy gets a report from Noel McGuinness who is at the Anti Water Charge protests in Ayrfield Estate.

Water Charges – John Healy, a Local Resident in Ayrfield Estate

Noel McGuinness chats with John Healy, a Local Resident present at Anti Water Charge protest in Ayrfield Estate.

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