Story? – A new five part youth radio series

Story? is a five part radio series exploring topics that interest and affect young people from the Darndale & Coolock areas of Dublin. The series is produced by 15-17 year olds who attend the Sphere 17 Regional Youth Service in Darndale, Dublin 17.  Prior to production the young people engaged in community media training at Near Media Co-op, Coolock.

The series uses a magazine format which includes studio content, location interviews, panel discussions, inserts and voxpops. Narration and links are recorded to tie together the programmes. Music is used sparingly to create mood and a sense of place. Each programme also features a relevant piece of music.

The topics covered for the series are Bullying, Cigarettes & Alcohol, Youth in Community, Aspirations/Role-models and Sex & Relationships. These topics have been carefully chosen by the young people in work-groups with support from Sphere 17 & Near FM staff.

As well as the voices and opinions of the young people we also hear from adults including youth workers, drugs counselors, teachers, community activists, parents and relevant professional practitioners.

Programme broadcast dates

1. Youth in the Community – Wed June 12th @ 6.00pm
2. Bullying – Wed June 19th @ 6.00pm
3. Cigarettes & Alcohol – Wed June 26th @ 6.00pm
4. Aspirations & Role Models – Wed July 03rd @ 6.00pm
5. Sex & Relationships – Wed July 10th @ 6.00pm

Listen on the wireless Near FM 90.3 or online & watch out for the podcast

Production team

Hannah Lynch, Shannon Murphy, Dylan Warde, Niamh Cooney, Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Menton, Neil Doyle

Series Producer & Editor

Alan Weldon

Assistant producers from Sphere 17

Stephen Blayds & Tara Coleman.

Advisers from Near Media Co-op

Paul Loughran & Dorothee Meyer Holtkamp.

Made with the assistance of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound & Vision scheme.

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