New audio drama on Friday the 28th June at 19.00

Konstantin by Ultan Pringle

Konstantin follows the entwined lives of lifelong partners Nina and Allie. Beginning when they’re 18 and setting out to explore the world and finishing when they’re in their late 80s and preparing to leave it, Konstantin is a story of two lives lived and loved side by side. The play jumps through the span of 60 years to explore the relationship and romantic partnership between Allie and Nina. We meet them at 18, arguing in an old decrepit lighthouse about what the future holds. We see them in their early thirties, realising that they’d like to make their lives together and they buy that old lighthouse. We see them at forty, deciding to adopt. Fifty raising two children who turn out to be handfuls. We see them at 60 when they experience a loss which shakes them to their core. We see them at 70, navigating a grief that has to come define them and then finally we see them at 80, failing to make sense of it all but accepting that their lives were worth it and their love was valid. And finally we see them at the very end of their lives, together, waiting for the old lighthouse light to shine. 

Konstantin is an unashamedly queer story which sets out to tell a story radical in its simplicity: the love between two women told delicately over the course of their lives and how their simple act of loving one another is made radical because of its queerness. 

Written and directed by Ultan Pringle

Derbhle Crotty as Allie
Marion O’Dwyer as Nina

Made with the support of the Coimisiún na Meán’s Sound and Vision scheme through the Television License Fee.