Contemporary Capitalism

Contemporary Capitalism is a 4 part series of talks, each part critiquing an aspect of how capitalism affects society today. The series was edited for broadcast by artist and Near FM volunteer Craig Cox. []

The talks were originally held in Dubzland studios, north inner city Dublin, in late 2012, and were organised by the Provisional University, a group of researchers and social activists. []

Contemporary Capitalism, Episode 1: Welfare to Debtfare.
Part 1 is given by Mick Byrne and discusses the financialisation of social resources in Ireland, and how financial
institutions have become landlord like, with particular focus on housing.

Contemporary Capitalism, Episode 2: Work, Time and Precarity.
Part 2 is given by Patrick Bresnihan and focuses on the precarious nature of employment for many college educated

Contemporary Capitalism, Episode 3: Mental Health.
Part 3 is given by Susan Gill and talks about the effect of capitalism on mental health.

Contemporary Capitalism Part 4: The Commons
Part 4 is by Rachel O’Dwyer and is about the commons as it exists today.