Radio Dublino

A new radio show, “Radio Dublino”, Joins Lineup on Near 90.3 fm radio.

A new radio show, “Radio Dublino”, premieres on Near fm radio from this month. Hosted by Maurizio Pittau, the show is broadcasted in Italian.

Dublin, Ireland, 24 October 2013 A new radio show is joining the lineup on Near FM radio. Listeners will be able to listen Italian music, Italian talks and interviews.

The show is called “Radio Dublino” which is aired live every Wednesday at 9.30 p.m.

Radio Dublino is a weekly Italian radio magazine produced and presented by Maurizio Pittau. The main targets are the Italian community in Dublin and all residents in Dublin interested in Italian culture, Italian music and Italian language. Main collaborators: Lorena Lampedecchia, Giulia Bruna and Valentina Settomini.

Radio Dublino covers a variety of topics: news from Italy and Ireland, Italian music (rock, traditional, opera, jazz, folk, etc.), info about intercultural events in Dublin and interviews with Italians living in Dublin.

The purpose of the programme is to improve the integration of the Italian community in Dublin and the intercultural dialogue between Italians and Dubliners.

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