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  • BANTUM and Near FM crew. at Block T bash!

    Block T – 5th Birthday Party

    Near FM attended the Block T 5th Birthday celebrations in the Tivoli Grounds on Saturday July 4th. Legendary Irish house DJ Aoife Ni Canna presents a programme featuring interviews and music with Block T Managing Director Laura Garbataviciute-Dovn and Programme Director Grace McEvoy as well as musicians and DJ’s Bantum, Hauer, Adult Rock, Nialler 9, Rob Farfer, Nova Collective and Benny Smiles. The programme will broadcast on Thursday July 16th @ 5.00pm repeated on Friday July 17th @ 6pm. Listen […]

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  • Rock the Park 2014

    Rock the Park 2014

    Near FM and Dublin City Council are proud to present Rock the Park, a day of live music featuring some of Northside Dublin’s best bands in Fr.  Collins Park, Clongriffin on Saturday September 13th from 2pm. The bands represent both the stalwarts and the up & coming of  the Dublin music scene. Come down on the day to hear original Indie, Folk/Trad, Ska/Reggae and alternative rock music. The lineup is as follows: LIR – 5pm The Bionic Rats – 4pm The Rattling Kind – 3pm The North […]

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  • Lovers of Life

    Lovers of Life

                                    Lovers of Life is a 4 part documentary series, which captures a snapshot of the Dublin Independent Music scene in 2013. At a time when the music industry worldwide is having to continuously change and evolve to keep pace with new technologies and online distribution facilities this series examines how young independent Dublin musicians are embracing this new musical landscape. This series meets the […]

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  • Perfect Friction

    Perfect Friction

    Perfect Friction Perfect Friction is a group of young musicians who came together through playing at Wicklow Trad sessions in Wicklow Town. The band features seven Trad musicians and a world-class vocalist, Rebecca Winckworth, who has toured extensively with Anúna among other groups. The band’s music ranges from high-energy Trad sets with a full range of instruments (fiddle, flute, uilleann pipes, concertina, accordion, whistle, bodhran, guitar, piano), to pop and rock songs tastefully arranged with a Trad theme. The musicians, […]

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  • Harzer Jodler Trio

    Harzer Jodler Trio

    Harzer Jodler Trio – Yodelers from the Harz Mountains in Germany In the Harz Mountains right in the center of Germany singing and yodeling requires each other like bread and butter. The songs these musicians bring to Dublin are unique regional sounds – as unique as their yodeling. All fans of virtuosic singing techniques will be delighted of this demonstration of a highly specialized way to yodel. The group travels with one of the best female yodelers of their region. […]

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  • Bidaia – Music from the Basque Country

    Bidaia – Music from the Basque Country

    Bidaia – Music from the Basque Country Together they have created a music which is both Basque and Universal, inspired by Traditional melodies and dances yet enriched by world folklore. Bidaia finds its origin in its creators, Mixel Ducau, a Basque composer, singer and multiinstrumentalist and Caroline Phillips, a Californian singer-songwriter and hurdy-gurdy player of Greek and Persian origin. Bidaia’s repertoire includes original compositions as well as traditional Basque songs sung in both Basque and English. Traditional Basque instruments, like […]

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  • Zoltan Szabó & Katalin Juhász

    Zoltan Szabó & Katalin Juhász

    Zoltan Szabó & Katalin Juhász The Folk Music of Hungarian Herdsmen: Aerophone Folk Music Instruments in the Carpathian Basin Zoltán Szabó is an ethnographer and folk musician. He has worked at the Hungarian Ethnographical Museum with sheperd objects and the music instrument collections, organized a major exhibition, and published widely on the topic. He himself is an accomplished musician who plays several kinds of aerophone instruments typical of shepherd culture. Katalin Juhász is an ethnographer and folk singer. She has […]

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