Understanding Media for Active Citizenship UMAC

um2 (1)Understanding Media for Active Citizenship UMAC aims to create a toolbox to collect media literacy infused resources and methodologies that the project partners are using in their own community media training courses and workshops. The toolbox will be shared on an on-line platform that would allow other community media trainers to use the collected resources throughout their training to enhance their trainees’ ability to decode the media text and understand how media works. This project is funded under Key Action 2 of the Erasmus+ Programme.erasmusplus

The partners agreed on the use of an online tool to share resources and documentation and facilitate collaborative work. This on-line tool will host all administrative documentation, including contact details, up-to-date income and expenditure information, partner contracts and mobility maps and info packs and documentation for the trips. While the online tool is under construction, you can visit the UMAC website.