Understanding Irish Muslims

This four part series tells the story of Muslims living in Ireland and demonstrates in a positive light how they embrace and contribute to Irish society. The series aims to improve understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims in Ireland and assist societal harmony. A general overview of Islam is given and the series also looks at the Irish connection to Islam through those Irish who have converted to the religion, the involvement of Irish Muslims in the Arab Spring, the Irish people who have served in armies in Muslim countries and Muslims who participate in traditional and contemporary Irish activities.

Broadcasting from Tuesday April 8th to Friday April 11th @ 6.30pm on Near FM 90.3 or listen online www.nearfm.ie/listen-online

Episode 1 – Muslim History, Beliefs & identity – Explains the history of Muslims in Ireland, important beliefs and their experiences here so far.

Episode 2 – Irish Connections – demonstrates connections between Ireland and the Muslim world including Irish people who converted to Islam as well as those who worked or served there.

Episode 3 – Arab Spring – talks to Irish people who have a connection with the Arab Spring from a military, political and family point of view. It also speaks to Irish people who served and fought in Muslim countries.

Episode 4 – Muslim Integration – takes a look at Muslims who are fully integrated into Irish society through sport, education and family life. They tell us about their experiences.

Produced for Near FM by Peter Kearney, the series was made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, Sound & Vision scheme.