Dublin Punk Untold

Near FM presents Dublin Punk Untold. Beginning on Friday May 20th at 7pm!

Punk rockers at Moran’s Hotel. Photo by Stephen Averill

Dublin Punk Untold is a new three-part radio documentary charting the explosion of the punk music genre in the 1970s. It was one of the most exciting times in music, an era where parents quaked at the sound of rebellion, a movement that was all about rejecting what had gone before to embrace self-expression, revolution, the voice of youth, four chords and the truth.

Now a new three-part documentary will examine the role Ireland’s capital city played in the punk era. Inspired by the Hope Collective’s Great Gig Memories book, producer and broadcaster Neil Farrelly has spent the past year and a half interviewing the people who created Ireland’s punk scene. From the bands to the fans, the gig promoters, the fanzine makers, through interviews and music from the era Dublin Punk Untold tells the story of this ground-breaking era and what happened when the music exploded onto the streets of the capital. From the now legendary gig by The Clash in Trinity College to Belfield’s Burning and Dark Space in the Project Arts Centre, key people who were involved in one of modern music’s most exciting periods share their memories of what it was like to be a teenage punk rocker in an Ireland that was still caught in the vice grip of conservatism and the Catholic Church.

Contributors include Pete Holidai from The Radiators from Space, Eoin Freeney from Chant! Chant! Chant!, John Fisher of the Dandelion Market gigs, Jude Carr from Heat Magazine, RTE broadcaster Dave Fanning, Elvera Butler from Reekus Records and so many more who helped the voices of Ireland’s disenchanted and disenfranchised youth to be heard for the first time.

The three-part series of hour long episodes will be broadcast on Friday evenings on Near FM 90.3 from 7pm beginning on May 20th.

For more information contact Neil Farrelly at neilfarrelly5@gmail.com

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