Telling our own Story

Near FM presents a four part radio series celebrating 30 years of community media on the Northside of Dublin

“Since community radio emerged as a separate strand it has added to the plurality of voices that are on air it has also provided significant opportunity for people to develop their skills and it has provided opportunities for communities to access the airwaves…Nearfm was one of the first ones to embrace the idea that community radio was a community development tool as much if not more than a radio project”
Ciaran Kissane – Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

Telling Our Own Story is a new weekly half hour programme looking at the history of the Near Media Co-operative through the voices of the volunteers and staff. 2013 marked the thirtieth anniversary of the creation of the Near Media Co-operative. This series charts the history of the organisation through the volunteers and staff that started it all off and continue to make it the vibrant media organisation it is today. Through the series we explore the historical background of Near’s formation, the dream becoming a reality, the challenges faced and overcome, the advent of new media as well as looking to the future.

Jack Byrne, Near Media Co-op founder, states:
“Near is the broadcasting service for north east Dublin, being local and accessible is a very important part of what we do and I think over the years we have built a good relationship and respect from the community organisation, the voluntary sector and the statutory bodies in the area. We are here about community development, we are here about supporting what people do and what people’s aspirations are, and I think we have provided a very good service.”

The series will broadcast on Mondays @ 5pm from Monday June 30th
Listen on the dial @ Near FM 90.3 or listen online

This series is funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound & Vision Scheme.