An Irish Sanctuary

 An Irish Sanctuary:
The History and Natural History of the North Bull Island is a 3-part series which looks at the fascinating history and natural history of the North Bull Island, home to over 1100 species of organisms including plants, insects, birds and mammals. In winter the island holds more than 35,000 wildfowl including internationally significant numbers of the iconic Brent Goose. It also plays host to thousands of human visitors each year who come to take in the rugged beauty of the island or use it for activities ranging from swimming and golf to kite-surfing and bird watching. Join producer and presenter Edd Kealy as he takes us on a journey of discovery in this fascinating natural history series.

 Broadcasting Thursday
Dec. 4th, 11th & 18th @ 3.30pm

Programme 1

Programme one focuses on the history of the North Bull Island and we get a taste of the excitement of searching for arriving spring birds.

We learn the history  of the formation of the Bull Island with local historian Dennis McIntyre.

We speak to author and historian Kieran MC Nally about the island’s literary tradition and fascinating history

We will also spend a beautiful spring April morning with ornithologist and botanist Tom Cooney looking for migrating spring birds.

Programme 2

In programme two we look at the present state of the Bull Island and we find out a bit more about some of its particular wildlife, plants and eco-systems.

We find out a bit more about one of the Island’s most iconic species of bird the Brent Goose with ornithologist Tom Cooney.

We will speak to marine biologist Elenor Jennings about how Island’s estuarine eco-system has led to it being such a rich and diverse habitat for the over 1100 species of plants, insects, birds and mammals which now call the island home.

We  speak to botanist Conn Breen from the Dublin Naturalists Field Club about the island’s plant life and to naturalist David Nash about the Bull as a habitat for butterflies and about a recent arrival the beautiful Marsh Fritillary.

Programme 3

In our final programme we examine what the future holds for the Bull Island and how we might ensure that this wonderful nature reserve’s future as a sanctuary for wildlife is preserved.

We will aim to educate the listener as to how small changes in behaviour like keeping dogs on leads can make a huge difference to the potential success of wild creatures on the Bull.

We visit the Bull Island very early in the morning to catch a glimpse of an animal that may sadly soon be extinct from the nature reserve, the Irish Hare.

We visit the Island’s interpretive centre to meet Pat Corrigan who tells us about the importance of education.

We speak to Leslie Moore, Dublin City Council’s Parks Superintendent who talks about his hopes for the future of the Island.