Virginie Despentes: Sex, Femininity and Cynicism

Broadcasting Tuesday Jan 21st @ 3.30pm

Sarah O’Rourke, Louise Kai Mereau & Lloyd Cooney

Listener advisory: This broadcast contains discussions on sexual violence and very strong language. Listener discretion is advised. If you are affected by anything you hear on this programme you can call the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre in confidence on 1800 77 8888, email or visit

Programme 4 in our Women’s Stories series. Readings and lecture on Virginie Despentes’ books by Louise Kari Méreau (School of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies) accompanied by actors Sarah O’Rourke and Lloyd Cooney. Recorded as part of the Women’s Stories series, a collaboration between Near FM and the Trinity Long Room Hub.

Virginie Despentes’s life deeply influenced her writing career, and studying her novels allows the reader to ask and study controversial and delicate issues of society that need to be more closely addressed by women; such as prostitution, homosexuality, assault, and addiction. Comparing extracts from her works Baise Moi and Vernon Subutex, the talk will discuss the theme of violence, and its link with sex and femininity that informs the writer’s cynicism.

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