The Road Less Travelled

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The Road Less Travelled is a new series from the Trinity Long Room Hub and Near FM featuring current and past students from Trinity College Dublin who have taken the road less travelled to education. We meet men and women from all walks of life who have overcome social barriers and surpassed prejudice and discrimination—all for the opportunity to study at third level and in Trinity’s Arts and Humanities. In this series, we celebrate different experiences in education, meeting fascinating people with unique life stories.

Join us on a weekly basis through our livestream from Tuesday, 9th November at 1pm. In our first live recording, Professor Eve Patten, Director of the Trinity Long Room Hub will sit down with Leah Kenny to talk about her journey to education and how an opportunity with Trinity’s Access Programme led her to an English studies programme and a love of Samuel Beckett. Book here

Leah wrote her final year thesis on Beckett and his work as part of her undergraduate degree and is currently working as a teacher. Her portrait stood alongside that of Samuel Beckett, as part of a giant mural in front square in 2019 to promote Trinity’s new philanthropic campaign, Inspiring Generations. Leah hopes that she can inspire more young people to seek out and not be afraid of literature like Beckett’s.

This talk will be broadcast on Wednesday 24th of November at 4.30pm on Near FM. You can listen to Near FM online or on 90.3FM.

The Road Less Travelled radio series is produced by Trinity Long Room Hub and Near FM with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland through the television licence fee. The Trinity Long Room Hub would like to thank Trinity’s Access Programme (TAP) for their assistance in relation to the series.