The Dublin Viols concert at Hugh Lane Gallery

Broadcasting Tuesday March 26th at 3pm

On Sunday February 10th 2019, as part of the Spike Cello festival, The Dublin Viols performed modern works and original songs by Malachy Robinson as well as English and Italian chamber music of the seventeenth century written for the viol – the precursor and cousin of the cello. Near FM were there to record the concert as well as interviews with Andrew and Malachy Robinson, Mary Barnecutt and members of the audience.

The Dublin Viols are Mark Wilkes treble viol, Lucy Robinson tenor viol, Andrew Robinson bass viol, Malachy Robinson bass viol.

Andrew and Malachy Robinson being interviewed for Near FM

About the series
The Hugh Lane Concert series showcases contemporary, traditional, classical and jazz music concerts recorded at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, as part of the Sundays @ Noon concerts. This radio series captures the best in Irish and international based composers and musicians performing in front of a live audience. As well as the performances, Near FM have recorded in-depth interviews with the musicians, and reactions from members of the public.

Series 1 is available here

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