Communicating Europe – Discussion on EU Citizenship



As part of the Communicating Europe initiative and the EU Year of the Citizen, Near FM have recorded a special panel discussion on the subject of EU Citizenship.

The discussion facilitated by Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE) Chairperson and Near Media Co-op Coordinator Ciaran Murray features:

  • Ciaran Murray –Ireland (chair)
  • Dorothee Meyer Holtkamp –Germany
  • Cristina Santamaria – Spain
  • Maurizio Pittau –Italy (Sardinian)
  • Rastislav Blažek –Slovakia
  • Ida Haugland –Norway (by phone)

The debate focuses on points such us

  • Is there such a thing as European citizenship?
  • Are we more define by what we are not… Americans, Asians, Africans… rather than for what we are?
  • If we meet a Swedish or a Croatian do we really feel a greater sense of camaraderie or understanding than when we meet a New Zealander or a Philippine?

Made with the support of the Department of the Taoiseach Communicating Europe initiative.