Surrogacy, Insolvency, Migrant Rights and Evictions – The Brief Thursday 7th March 2013

The presenters, Barristers, Andrew Robinson and Peter Leonard look at the weeks’ legal headlines, including:

1. The O’Donnell’s failed bankruptcy attempt in London.
2. The Examiner, The Sunday Business Post and TCH in ‘pre-pack receivership’
3. Judge Kevin O’Higgin’s forced retirement.
4. Vicky Pryce’s failed defence ‘My husband made me do it!’
5. Alan Shatter TD and Chief Justice Denham’s welcome proposals to reform the Courts.
7. Judicial quote of the week.
8. Ian Bailey.
9. O’Keeffe in Europe.

David Quinn, of the Iona Institute and Ciara Staunton of NUI Galway talk to Andrew about Abbott J’s landmark decision on surrogacy.

Migrant Rights
Pablo Roja Coppari of joins the presenters in the studio to tell us about the difficulties that undocumented migrants face in accessing justice. We discuss the interesting case involving Mohammed Yunis.

Pre-Pack Receivership
Fergus Doorly of William Fry on receivership, bankruptcy and insolvency.

Yvonne Wenger of The Baltimore Sun talks to Andrew about ‘Self Help’ evictions. Landlords are throwing their tenants out of their homes in Maryland without notice, and, it is all totally legal thanks to 14th century English law. Andrew draws parallels with famine legislation being used to evict people in Ireland today.

Barrister Ronan Lupton on solicitors from hell, defamation and injunctions.

Produced by Killian Donoghue and Andrew Robinson.
Research by Killian Donoghue.
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Edited by Aoife Nic Canna.
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