The Brief Thursday 24th Jan 2013

Barristers Andrew Robinson and Peter Leonard present the Brief, Ireland’s only legal current affairs show.

The presenters look at:

Justice Paul Carney’s change of heart in Patrick O’Brien’s sentencing.
Paul Begley and his successful appeal of his garlic smuggling sentence.
Quinns in Court again.
A landmark case in the High Court about surrogacy.
Lissadell House right of way case in the Supreme Court.
Cork Credit Union take two family homes.
Councillor Healy Rae wants Kerry people to drive drunk, and, David Leonard BL on the recent revocation of Refugee status from 57 refuges.

Yvonne Daly lecture in law in DCU and Ellen O’Malley Dunlop, CEO of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centreon Patrick O’Brien’s sentencing.

Fr Peter McVerry on prison conditions.

Barrister Maeve O’Rourke of Justice for Magdalenes on that shameful part of our recent history.

Frances Gibb, Legal Editor of the Times on tech savvy barristers crossing the line into possibly unethical behaviour.

Finitan Lawlor of Lawlor Partners Solicitors and Barrister Mark Tottenham of the Stare Decisis Hibernia blog on recent decisions and hearings in Irish Courts.