Bring Des Home Fundraiser with Dave Cullen

On this edition of Lifeline:

Near FMs Dave Cullen joins Debbie to talk about the “Bring Des Home” Fundraiser setup by Dave for his father Des.

Des Cullen was diagnosed with a brain tumor in late 2018.

Groundbreaking surgery in January 2019 not only removed the tumor, but also reconstructed his jaw and palate. Des recovered well and was ready to go home until unforeseen circumstances caused complications, which thereafter made him incapacitated.

Des has been in Beaumont Hospital and now in the National Rehabilitation Hospital for 548 days and counting.

Des is due to return home in 7 weeks. The living space must be adapted to ensure the comfort and safety of Des’ return. We are starting this “GoFundMe campaign” to help fund the renovations and adaptations to the family home.