Enviro – 16th July 2018

On this edition of Enviro:

Brit Du Fournet and Joe Dunne speak to Prof Patrick Sleeman, about Irish mammals.

Prof Sleeman – wrote a book with colleagues about Irish Mammals.
Red Squirrel recovery, due in part to the presence of the Pine marten, sighting of whales, the Irish stoat lives here for at least 26,000 years and is genetically different from the continental stoat. He involved is otter survey of Dublin and Cork.

In the second part of the show Sean Cronin from Zerowaste Ireland joins the team to discuss food waste, disposable cups and Ringakiddy (near Cork) Incinerator decision. Campaign plastic-free July
159 countries involved zerowaste.com. Ringakiddy Incinerator is a serious pollution problem.

Presented by Brit Du Fournet and Joe Dunne speak.

first aired: 16/07/2018