Enviro – 30th April 2018

Enviro-‘A Retrospection’.
In this program we recalled some of the issues we dealt with in the last twelve months. We also talked about some of the music, songs and people who have inspired us over the years.

We referred to, touched on or discussed the following:

The Irish heritage Legislation and how it will damage the environment
Resistances to change in the world due mainly to the fact that control of resources are in the power of 1% of the population.

Geo engineering

Species extinction

Forest Destruction

The destruction of bees essential for the pollination of plants. We referred to an important decision by the EU last week to ban a number of what are called ‘Neonics’

Climate change

Plastics- the destruction that plastics cause, and alternatives

The Peace Forest Ireland Project-launch of phase two on may 15.

The environmental effects of War.

The renewal by the EU of licence to use Glysophate (roundup)

Update on the’Bayside Bug Hotel’

The late arrival of Spring

The second anniversary of the singer Prince’s death

Unrest in Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Presenter/Producer- John Haughton
Panellist: Joseph Dunne

We played Gladys Knight singing ‘Butterfly’ from her CD ‘Gladys Knight: Forest Friends song ‘Forest Friends Join Hands by Emmanuel Nsor: We quoted from the cover of the Deep Forest CD ‘Deep Forest-World Mix’: We listened t the Pete Seeger quote “Oh Sacred World….” from the double CD disk one ‘Sowing the Seeds-The 10th Anniversary (Appleseed recordings); and we listened to the ‘Song of the Sea’ (Lullaby) from the CD ‘Song of the Sea’ composed and orchestrated by Bruno Coulais in collaboration with Kila singer Lisa Hannigan.