Of Love and Lamentation

Broadcasting Tuesday June 18th at 2pm

The Hugh Lane Concert series continues with a concert entitled Of Love and Lamentation from Irish Mezzo-soprano Sharon Carty and historical harpist Siobhán Armstrong on the Italian baroque triple harp. The concert features compositions by John Dowland, Henry Purcell, Giovanni Battista Draghi, Sylvius Leopold Weiss and Barbara Strozzi.

In this special programme we hear the full concert interspersed with discussion around the careers of the musicians as well as the work of the composers and the access to historical musical compositions that is afforded to modern day scholars. We also hear from audience members on their impressions of the concert.

Music sheets from the concert which took place on Sun April 28th 2019

About the series
The Hugh Lane Concert series showcases contemporary, traditional, classical and jazz music concerts recorded at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, as part of the Sundays @ Noon concerts. This radio series captures the best in Irish and international based composers and musicians performing in front of a live audience. As well as the performances, Near FM have recorded in-depth interviews with the musicians, and reactions from members of the public.

Series 1 is available here