Near FM delighted to partner in EU project

As part of the Erasmus+ European project Media Education Without Borders made up with partners in Germany, Spain and Hungary, Near Media Co-op developed an online training course for teachers/trainers who work with young adults from the age of 15years + on the topic of media literacy/media studies.  

This self directed online course consists of 6 units allowing you to go through the full course or to choose particular modules with the topics you are most interested in:

  • Media Studies
  • Media Ethics
  • Social Media
  • Conscious media consumption
  • Smart internet usage
  • Media law and regulations

Each unit starts with an overview of the topic, provides some theoretical background with examples and gives hands-on-suggestions for classroom activities that can be downloaded within the course. The classroom activities can be found right after each subunit on a separate page called “activities”, plus they are also available for download from the website

You will find a link to the course on the project website here:

Alternatively here is a direct link: https://bildungsportal.sachsende/opal/auth/RepositoryEntry/20501495812/CourseNode/99737891851508