MILES Media and Information Literacy- Evaluation and Strategies

(Photos taken at final project meeting in Budapest, April 2023. Please note, not all participants are present in the picutures.)

This Erasmus+ partnership, MILES, is an exchange of concepts, ideas and experiences for teaching Media & Information Literacy (MIL). A collection of good practice and helpful resources was gathered, and together the group developed helpful methods for evaluating MIL concepts and their practical application.

Bringing together partners with different traditions in media literacy, but also with different backgrounds such as community radio or television, training organization and participatory video producers.

Activities over 24 months include structured exchanges, local research, five partner meetings, and a teaching/learning event to engage partners, trainers, and trainees. The results of this process will be recorded in best practice folders in English, German, Spanish, Swedish, Hungarian.

Check out two of the best practices in this online document from your community radio station Near FM in North Dublin, and many other training resources and academic references in the field of media literacy, embedded at our lead partner COMMIT’s homepage. Click on ‘the overview of the project’s findings’ happy reading!

We also printed a foldable leaflet with a map of all participating partners you can pick up at any of the participating organisations and at some community and literacy projects in the areas. This leaflet is also linked on the lead partner COMMIT’s homepage.

Civilradio (Budapest/HU), Radio ARA / Graffiti (Luxembourg), Bradford Community Broadcasting (Bradford/UK), Radio Kärnan (Helsingborg/SE), Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE) (BE), NearFM (Dublin/IRL), Teleduca (Barcelona/ESP), COMMIT (Vienna/AT).