LIVE Traditional Music from the EU

Stage times announced:

Friday Night – Clasac – Broadcast live – 8 -11pm

8.00 – 8.30pm – Zoltán Szabó & Katalin Juhász – Hungary

8.45 – 9.15pm – Harzer Jodler Trio – Germany

9.30 – 9.45pm – Bidaia – Basque Country

10.00 – 10.45pm – Perfect Friction – Ireland

Saturday Night – Unitarian Church

7.30 – 8pm – Perfect Friction – Ireland

8.15 -8.45 – Harzer Jodler Trio – Germany

9.00 – 9.30 – Zoltán Szabó & Katalin Juhász – Hungary

9.45 – 10.30pm – Bidaia – Basque Country

In partnership with Dublin City Council Arts Office, and as part of the Arts Council’s EU Presidency programme, Near Media Co-op are proud to present a weekend of Traditional Music from the EU featuring traditional musicians from Germany, Hungary, Basque Country & Ireland. Over the course of the weekend the general public is invited to enjoy the following two performances:

Performance 1: Live at Clasac

The Harz Mountain Yodelers (Germany),

Bidaia (Basque),

Zoltan Szabó & Katalin Juhász (Hungary) &

Perfect Friction (Ireland).

Date: Friday April 12th Doors: 7.30pm Show: 8.00pm
Venue: Clasac Theatre, Alfie Byrne Road, Clontarf

Admission: Free

This performance will be broadcast live simultaneously on Near FM 90.3 (Dublin), Radio Corax (Halle, Germany), Antxeta Community Radio (Basque Country) & Civil Radio (Budapest)

Performance 2: Live from Unitarian Church

The Harz Mountain Yodelers (Germany),

Bidaia (Basque),

Zoltan Szabó & Katalin Juhász (Hungary) &

Perfect Friction (Ireland).

Date: Saturday April 13th Doors: 7.00pm Show: 7.30pm
Venue: Unitarian Church, Stephens Green, Dublin 2

Admission: Suggested donation accepted

In addition Near Media Co-op and partners will be meeting on Sat 13th April in the Northside Civic Centre in Coolock to research, develop and plan activities leading to a transnational showcase and celebration of Traditional Music in the EU. The preparatory meeting will allow partners to prepare an application to the EU Creative fund 2014.

Perfect Friction is a group of young musicians who came together through playing at Wicklow Trad sessions in WicklowTown. The band features seven Trad musicians and a world-class vocalist, Rebecca Winckworth, who has toured extensively with Anúna among other groups.

The band’s music ranges from high-energy Trad sets with a full range of instruments (fiddle, flute, uilleann pipes, concertina, accordion, whistle, bodhran, guitar, piano), to pop and rock songs tastefully arranged with a Trad theme. The musicians, all from Wicklow, Dublin and Wexford, include four All-Ireland champions and collectively they deliver a sound that will have your foot tapping and will leave you wondering what the magic ingredient is.

Bidaia – Music from the Basque Country

 “The roots are deep and the instruments acoustic but make no mistake: this is a contemporary band with energy, drive and wide-ranging curiosity. Bidaia translates as ‘voyage’ and it definitely offers a unique travel experience.” – Dirty Linen Folk & World Music

Together they have created a music which is both Basque and Universal, inspired by Traditional melodies and dances yet enriched by world folklore. Bidaia finds its origin in its creators, Mixel Ducau, a Basque composer, singer and multiinstrumentalist and Caroline Phillips, a Californian singer-songwriter and hurdy-gurdy player of Greek and Persian origin. Bidaia’s repertoire includes original compositions as well as traditional Basque songs sung in both Basque and English. Traditional Basque instruments, like the alboka (a small hornpipe – played with circular breathing) and ttun-ttun (stringed-percussive inst.) are combined with instruments from other musical traditional such as acoustic guitar, hurdy-gurdy & bamboo clarinet.

Harzer Jodler TrioYodelers from the Harz Mountains in Germany
In the Harz Mountains right in the center of Germany singing and yodeling requires each other like bread and butter. The songs these musicians bring to Dublin are unique regional sounds – as unique as their yodeling. All fans of virtuosic singing techniques will be delighted of this demonstration of a highly specialized way to yodel. The group travels with one of the best female yodelers of their region.

Zoltan Szabó & Katalin Juhász. The Folk Music of Hungarian Herdsmen: Aerophone Folk Music Instruments in the Carpathian Basin

This mini concert program presents the musical culture of Hungarian shepherds in both images and sound samples. It focuses on their work, crafts, typical melodies and songs, as well as musical instruments. Particular emphasis is given to aerophone instruments in the form of pipes, ocarina, and especially the bagpipe as a complex, developed instrument.

Zoltán Szabó is an ethnographer and folk musician. He has worked at the HungarianEthnographicalMuseum with sheperd objects and the music instrument collections, organized a major exhibition, and published widely on the topic. He himself is an accomplished musician who plays several kinds of aerophone instruments typical of shepherd culture. Katalin Juhász is an ethnographer and folk singer. She has been collecting and singing Hungarian folk music since 1980 and conducted research on lullabies, the history of folk songs, international connections of Hungarian ballads, and the connection between folk music and poetry. Together, Zoltán Szabó and Katalin Juhász have recorded several albums and performed live, on TV, and on radio in more than 15 countries. More information: