Independent Radio Exchange

Broadcasting every Thursday at 4.30pm

Near FM are excited to be a partner on the Independent Radio Exchange (Indie-RE), a music programme playing new, independent music from across Europe. Broadcasting on Near FM every Thursday at 4.30pm. The series is produced by a team of community radio stations from 8 European countries. Near FM are in partnership with Radio Student (Slovenia), Radio Corax (Germany), Radio Helsinki (Austria), EMA (Spain), Civil Radio (Hungary), Campus Radio (France) and Radio Student Zagreb (Croatia). Tune in each week for music and interviews from the best up and coming music artists from across Europe.

The series also broadcasts on three Irish radio stations, Radio Corca Baiscin in Clare (Fridays at 5.05pm), Flirt FM in Galway (Saturdays at 6pm) and Phoenix FM in Dublin (Sundays at 6pm).

If you are an independent Irish based band /artist, or you know one, you can submit tracks for consideration to