Focus – a new podcast series

Episode 1 now available

Near FM announce NearCast with the launch of Focus: a series of podcasts on sustainable development by Comhlámh. Starts Monday Sept 9th only on NearCast.

Episode 1 now available

Near FM have long utilised the ubiquities of the digital age to share content, becoming the first radio station in Ireland to podcast back in 2004. Now they launch NearCast, the first community podcast network in Ireland. Any person or organisation can get involved to become a part of the NearCast community.

Episode 1 now available

NearCast is proud to launch with a new podcast series called Focus a series of podcasts concentrating on issues and themes around global inequality. The series talks to people involved in different ways in challenging inequality and injustices wherever they are, and brought to you by Comhlámh, the association of returned development workers and volunteers.

Mark Malone Communications officer with Comhlámh says;

“Comhlámh are delighted to be part of NearCast. The ethos of NearCast and community media fits perfectly with Comhlámh’s work. In producing the Focus podcast series, we wanted to create a series that speaks to the interrelated crisis facing communities in Ireland and across the globe, and to speak to the ways in which communities are responding and resisting. We cover themes, collective human experiences and perspectives largely ignored by traditional media and we hope the series can contribute to not just a better understanding of how power works in the 21st Century, but also how we as communities are shaping our futures. ”

The Focus podcast series will launch on NearCast on Monday September 9th and features programmes on the Cambodia-Ireland Changemaker Network; an interview with Dr Conor McCabe and his latest book Money; Irish moves to end volunteering overseas in orphanages; a visit to Achill Island to hear about training for health professionals wanting to work in the global south; and a look at how international development and community development are one and the same thing.

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