Communicating Europe – Panel discussion part 2

Tune in on Thursday November 22nd at 3pm  for the second in a series of Communicating Europe broadcasts on the future of the EU and Ireland’s place in it. Hosted by Alan Braddish and joined by a panel of  expert guests, we touch on the following topics:

  • How the future of the EU may impact upon Irish lives and society on a local level
  • What impact have EU initiatives in relation to cultural and intercultural pursuits had for Irish people
  • A local perspective on the future of the EU, from local groups in North Dublin who have participated in EU collaborative projects and how this experience impacted upon the organization
  • What work do these groups do with the EU? Is it arbitrary or engaged?
  • Post Brexit implications for North/South Irish Culture and Language?
  • Will Brexit have an impact on these relationships?



Joining the panel will be:

Emma Murtagh – The Wheel- European Programmes Officer- running a programme with funding through Communicating Europe, where they are working with local community groups including Ballymun Job Centre

Ruth Baker– Ballymun Job Centre- EU Project Officer – She has some experience working with EU funding in a local capacity including with Emma through The Wheel. Some more info

Sally Galiana – former President Amarc Europe, esperience with EU cooperation projects

Eoin O’Neill – journalist with Radio Failte and formally with Irish language paper Là

This special programme is supported by Communicating Europe a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade initiative.