Alzheimer Café Northside -Understanding Dementia

Produced by Ignacio Irigoien and supported by the BAI Sound and Vision fund, this documentary will bring listeners to the Alzheimer Café Glasnevin, a safe and relaxed place where people with dementia, their and health and social care professionals can come together to talk, share and learn.

This is a very informative programme. It is compiled with respect and awareness of maintaining the dignity of those living with Dementia.” – Denise, family member of a person living with Dementia




Broadcasting on Tuesday April 17th at 3.30pm on Near FM

Alzheimer’s Disease is responsible for the majority of the cases of Dementia, and it has been described as the epidemic of the 21st century. It is all around us but still our knowledge of it is very limited. In this programme we are going to give a voice to those at the forefront of the battle against the disease. People living with it and the families of some of those diagnosed will tell their stories. We will also have the opportunity to hear from those trying to understand the illness, such as Professor Brian Lawlor, a world leading expert in dementia. And Dr Michelle Kelly a dementia specialist who helps people with dementia live as independently as possible.

Music in the programme is from the Forget Me Nots choir –

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If you or someone you know is worried about Dementia the HSE have set up a dedicated website with more information. Please visit

The 10th International Dementia Conference will take place in DCU on April 16th & 17th. for mroe information please visit 

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