Northside Today 25 – 10 – 2019 – Myles Thorn, Managing Director Thorn Environmental Ltd

Ireland’s First Carbon Negative “Plastic” Bags

Myles Thorn, Managing Director of Thorn Environmental Ltd. talks to Noel McGuinness about this family company with an environmental ethos. In particular he talks about their “earth2earth” brand, Ireland’s first carbon negative “plastic” sacks, bin liners and packaging films. Myles explains that while these are plastic, they are bio-based, as opposed to ordinary plastic bags where production is based on fossil fuels.  Ethanol is used in the production of plastic. In “normal” plastic bags the ethanol comes from fossil fuels, however, the ethanol for the bags they produce comes from sugarcane which captures and stores 200kg of Co2 for every 1,000Kg of product produced