Enviro: 1st July 2019

In the first part of Enviro:

The Team speak to Gerald Mills Associate Professor of Geography UCD Urban Environment Group-spoke about the extent of tree loss due to the proposed bus corridors. A reference was made to Dr. Laura Devaney Dublin City University researcher’s comments on the government’s climate action plan and her statement that cleaner traffic jams won’t cut it. Instead we need huge investments in public transport systems to change the modal split from private to public transport.

In the second part of Enviro:

Michael Connaughton spoke to the team about his many published works in poetry and art and his request for a bursery from the Arts Council-decision pending. He gave an outline of the event he has planned for the parish hall opposite the Church in Howth Village for 28 September 2019. Michael also spoke of exhibitions of his work in several centres in Bray Col Wicklow and Joe pointed out that Carol Jordon might also link up with Micheal’s projects.

The team had a general discussion on environmental issues of the day, The importance of trees and the economic value of a single mature tree.

Producer Presenter-  John Haughton

Panellist – Joseph Dunne, Manon Muellier and Special guest Gerald Mills and Michael Connaughton.