Enviro – 25th March 2019

On this edition of Enviro:

Mary Reynolds, Shifting Baseline Syndrome:

Every generation has less and less awareness of what truly healthy living landscapes actually look like. People don’t remember what it was like to have shoals of fish in the rivers, to have crystal clear seas cleaned by the massive beds of oysters, to have birds, insects, frogs, butterflies, hedgehogs, etc. sharing our land. It’s called ‘Shifting Baseline

Later in the show

Bettina schulz Paulsson, the Origin of megaliths:

Her project “Symbol and Stone” is a comparative study of the megalithic art in Europe in order to analyze and explain how inter-cultural exchange between prehistoric societies (4500-2500 cal BC) shaped megalithic art, and to theorize and interpret the significance and function of these images.

Broadcast: 25/03/2019
Presenters: Britt Dufour & Joe Dunne