Lifeline Interview With Rose Hennessy from Brighter Communities Worldwide about World Menstrual Health Day which was held on Monday May The 28th.

Michael Hennessy  speaks to Rose Hennessy (no relation) from Brighter Communities Worldwide, about World Menstrual Hygiene Day, which was held on May the 28th, and aims to benefit women and girls worldwide and break taboos surrounding menstruation. May the 28th is also known simply as Menstrual Health Day, and is tied into the Girls for Girls Project hoping to help the 50 million girls around the world who are not in school, often due ‘period poverty’ but who should be.

A song and Video has been released to help raise funds for this day and this campaign called “Nothing Can Stop Me” sung by Sub-Sahara.

Rose discusses the serious problems caused by lack of access to affordable sanitary products and also the urgent need for girl friendly infrastructure by way of girl friendly latrines and washrooms, particularly in rural Kenya, in Africa.

Presenter Michael Hennessy

Interviewee: Rose Hennessy