Enviro – October 17th 2016

Britt & Joe’s first guest is Gill Weyman from the Cork Nature Network (CNN). She has a passion on all wildlife and as part of CNN she runs an otters and invasive species projects.

Her interest is also ladybirds and she is working on a PhD on ladybirds in Ireland. Lady birds are useful to the gardener as they eat aphids (greenflies). Otters are charming mammals inhabiting the riversides of Ireland and the rest of the world. They are often vilified by fishermen who believe they eat too much fish, and they need to be protected.


Britt & Joe’s second guest is Amanda Hugues. She is practising Chinese Traditional medicine in Dublin, Fitzwilliam Square. She studied in China and is an expert in Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. TCM as it is called, is thousand of years old and can help with back-ache eczema and a host of conditions.


Producer/Presenter: Britt Du Fournet

Panellist: Joe Dunne