Lecture for Science Week

David Moore of Astronomy Ireland talks to Noel McGuinness about the public lecture on Monday 9th November for Ireland’s National Science Week. Entitled “Mapping the Universe, The Sloan Digital Sky Survey”, the talk will be given by Dr. Karen Masters, of the University of Portsmouth. On the subject of the size and scale of the universe, Dr. Masters will talk about state-of-the art maps of the Universe, such as those produced by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, which have revealed the complexity of structures on many scales found in our Universe. She will also talk about the development of these maps, and how our knowledge of the basic structure of the Universe, along with our place in it has changed so dramatically in the last several hundred years. In addition to the lecture, David says that other news this month from Astronomy Ireland is that they will hold a Moon and Neptune Watch on 19th November which members of the public are invited to take part in. He also says that Venus is very close to Jupiter this month and people can see their bright lights in the early morning sky. See www.astronomy.ie.