Perceptions 29/07/14

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Northsides Today’s John Healy speaks to Sean Gilligan about his upcoming production

of Alladdin the Musical to be performed in the Helix.

Interview with the author, Jason Johnson

Paula Wiseman chatted with Jason Johnson about his new novel, “Sinker”. They talked about the story in his book and also about Jason’s fascinating work as a published  author.

Interview with author, Kate Beaufoy

Paula Wiseman chatted with the author, Kate Beaufoy about her newest novel, “Liberty Silk”.  Kate talked about her work as an author and the processes she uses to put together her wonderful novels. This book is her first work of Historical Fiction and she talked about some family history that tied the novel all together.

Lord Mayor of Dublin, Christy Burke

Lord Mayor of Dublin, Christy Burke. Noel McGuinness is joined in studio by The Lord Mayor of Dublin Christy Burke. The pair talk about the Lord Mayors first few weeks in office, the joys and the challenges.The Lord Mayor also talks an about his plans and ambitions for his year in office as the First Citizen of Dublin.

Andrew Smith – St. Patricks Cathedral.

Andrew Smith – Education Officer @St. Patricks Cathedral. Noel McGuinness is joined by Andrew Smith to talk about a specially commissioned monument at St. Patricks Cathedral. The monument has been launched to mark the Centenary of the Outbreak of World War One.Along with the monument there is also the ‘ Lives Remembered’ exhibition. T the launch Andrew said, ““This exhibition marks the centenary of World War One and also gives visitors an opportunity to remember people who have been affected in any conflict situation”. More information on the monument and exhibition, along with other details about St Patricks Cathedral, can be found here


Snr Prof. Luke Drury – Dunsink Observatory

Snr Prof. Luke Drury – Dunsink Observatory Head of AstroPhysics and Astronomy Section and Director of the School of Cosmic Physics Prof Drury joins Mark Finnegan to talk about Dunsink Observatory. Luke talks about the history of the observatory and its telescopes.He also discusses the events that are held regularly in Dunsink.The observatory hosts Open nights on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. They also, on occassion,host parent and children nights for those who wish to learn a bit more about Astronomy. You can get more details and information about events and the Dunsink Observatory here.

Yaqoub Bouaynaya – Research into Irish Identity

Yaqoub Bouaynaya – Research into Irish Identity Mark Finnegan is joined by Trinity Post Graduate Yaqoub Bouaynaya. Yaqoub is conducting a study into Irishness and Irish Identity. As part of his research , Yaqoub is looking for people to get involved in discussion groups to talk about what Irishness means to them. Participants can also have their portrait taken and added to an exhibition Yaqoub is planning for 2016. If you are interested in participating in Yaqoubs study, you can contact Yaqoub on 087 987 4004 or

Fun Day at Darndale

Stephen Blayds and John Baker of Sphere 17, the youth club in Darndale, together with Louise Dwyer of the New Life Centre talk to Noel McGuinness on Northside Today about the Community Fun Day at Darndale Park on Friday 25th July.

Telling our own Story

Near FM presents a four part radio series celebrating 30 years of community media on the Northside of Dublin

Telling Our Own Story is a four part series looking at the history of the Near Media Co-operative through the voices of the volunteers and staff. 2013 marked the thirtieth anniversary of the creation of the Near Media Co-operative. This series charts the history of the organisation through the volunteers and staff that started it all off and continue to make it the vibrant media organisation it is today. Through the series we explore the historical background of Near’s formation, the dream becoming a reality, the challenges faced and overcome, the advent of new media as well as looking to the future.

The series features contributions from Andrew Montague, Stephen Blayds (Sphere 17), Browen Maher, Cristina Santamaria (CIC), Ciaran Kissane (BAI), Ciaran Murray, Colm Kenny (DCU), Dave O’Connor, David / Darren (youth programme), Declan Cahill, Declan McLaughlin (BAI), Dorothee Meyer Holtkamp, Doug Rogers, Edd Kealy, Elaine King, Gavin Byrne, Heidi Bedell (Northside Partnership), Jack Byrne, Marion Vickers (Northside Partnership), Natasha Valente, Owen Drinan, Pat Farrell, Paul Loughran, Ray Kennedy, Sally Galiana, Shannette Budhai, Tomas Mac Ruairi, Tony Crampton (CRC), Vincent Teeling and Zandra Ball.

“Since community radio emerged as a separate strand it has added to the plurality of voices that are on air it has also provided significant opportunity for people to develop their skills and it has provided opportunities for communities to access the airwaves…Nearfm was one of the first ones to embrace the idea that community radio was a community development tool as much if not more than a radio project”
- Ciaran Kissane – Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

Produced by Ignacio Irigoien, presented by Noel McGuinness.

This series is funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound & Vision Scheme.

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