The Indignant Muse reviewed in the Irish Independent – Feb 2019

‘Also excellent, and worth making the effort for, is The Indignant Muse, a 10-part series just begun on brilliant Dublin-based local station Near FM (Fri 6.30pm). Based on the mammoth, much-praised 2016 Lilliput Press book of that name, this chronicles Ireland’s revolutionary past “through song and poem”.

Host Terry Moylan is joined by a variety of singers for performances, interpretations and discussion of the material and those times. It’s ambitious, imaginative and lively; there’s fun to be found, alongside education.

More importantly, and in common with Charred Remains, The Indignant Muse is more than a little different from the normal method of exploring history. These programmes show another way of doing it, rather than the usual “straight” – and, let’s be honest, often dreary – approach.’ 

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