Senior Citizens Programme

Senior Citizens

Programme Name:
Senior Citizens Programme

Monday, 2.30 ñ 3.30pm

Presenter Name(S):

Noel Quigley
Austin McCoy

What is your show about?

We do pieces on anything and everyting that can of interest to older people.
We also augment our interviews with music that is populatr with the 50 to 80 year bracket.

You do interviews?
Of course! We talk to people. We deal with issues for older people using a chat format.
We liaise with the community to empower older people and inform them of the social services available to them.
We also like to inform our listeners of activities for older people in the area.

How can your listeners get involved with your show?
We encourage listeners to ring in or come into the studio, with their stories
We have a nostalgia element as well, where we discuss things from “Memory Lane”.

Are there any other features in your show that you would like your listeners to be aware of?

On the first Monday of every month, we have a half hour slot dealing with womens issues, with a representative from the Older Womens Network.
We also have a monthly 15 minute slot with Age Action Ireland with up to date info for senior citizens.
Recently we started a “lost and found” slot, where people can ring in IN CONFIDENCE, trying to find lost friends and acquaintances. If a name and some background information is provided, we will do our best to track them down. We would like to point out that this service is COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. We only ask that if we are successful in reuniting people, thay come on air and tell their story