Desert Island – Episode 1

Desert Island, a three part radio drama by John Casey. Directed by Sinéad O’Loughlin.

Trapped by her size, Trish Collins has to rely on her ne’er do well husband as her link to the outside world. With one good son, the other a violent thug, she never sees her grandson and her caustic brother-in-law is about to re-enter her life. Her happy memories are fading as she sits in the same room listening to old records waiting for something to change. Perhaps it’s time she made some changes herself.


We get an insight into Trish Collins’s daily routine. Alone in the house while husband Noel idles away his time in the bookies, along with clandestine meetings with his confidant, Ruth. Trish’s interior life is revealed, she talks fondly of her youth and early marriage to Noel, their two sons and how post-natal depression led to her extreme weight gain. We also meet their sons, eldest Paul and Shane, a seemingly bottomless pit of rage.



Trish                         Diana O’Connor

Noel                            Mick Nolan

John                          Pat Nolan

Shane                         Adam Traynor

Peter                           Edwin Mullane

Annie                          Debbie Bligh

Ruth                            Susanne Carey

Steph                           Tara Egan Langley

Trevor/Francis       Kevin Shorthall

Artwork by Chris Timms  @chriscotimms

Desert Island is supported by the Broadcasting authority of Ireland Sound and Vision scheme with the television licence fee.