Presented as part of our season of new audio drama from women writers, Buckle by Christine Madden.

Lily Albright’s teenage son is dead. The man who pleaded guilty to his murder is in prison. What compels Lily to visit her son’s killer in prison? Yet she does, repeatedly, searching for answers to questions she can’t articulate, questions she dreads.

Shane, who is responsible for Billy’s death, does not welcome Lily’s visits, nor does he oblige her with any information. What he withholds, though, is more than the specifics of a kill: it’s a life laced with fear and anger, pain and guilt.  Bit by bit, Lily draws him out, and they form an unlikely bond over a tragic death that devastated them both.

Written and Directed by Christine Madden
Featuring Ali White, Lloyd Cooney, Darragh Kelly and Sarah O’Rourke
Script Consultant Lisa Tierney-Keogh

First broadcast: 31st May 2019

Buckle is supported by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound and Vision scheme with the television licence fee.