Paddy Goes to Petra

In advance of World Audio Drama day on Oct 30th 2021, this will play will broadcast Friday Oct 29th at 4.30pm.


Paddy Goes to Petra is written by Aine Ryan and directed by Anna Nugent. The play is the latest in Near FM’s New Drama Hour series of plays by women playwrights. The play follows the story of middle aged farmer Paddy who, dealing with profound grief following the unexpected loss of a loved one, decides to travel to the ancient city of Petra hoping to escape the heartache which consumes his life. Directed by Anna Nugent

Cast – Abdul Alshareef as Farajh, Imad, Morris, Farmer; Tim Casey as Paddy; Gina Costigan as Air Hostess, Attendant 2; Jessie Doyle as Ryanair Hostess, Attendant 4, Bereavement Counselor; Mo O’Connell as Joanna, Attendant 1; Eoin O’Sullivan as John Beag, Tom Murray, Dermot; Paul Nugent as Jack, Cillian, Radu, Captain and Fiana Toibin as Eilis.

Made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television licence Fee.