Left of the Dial: Joe Strummer 10th Anniversary Special

Saturday the 22nd of December is the 10th anniversary of the death of Joe Strummer.

Joe Strummer is best known as the front man and rhythm guitarist with legendary punk band The Clash. He also formed the 101ers, spent time as a touring member of the Pogues, briefly formed Joe Strummer and the Latino Rockabilly War, and later released three fantastic albums as Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros. His determination, conscience, attitude and lyrics continue to inspire thousands of bands to pick up a guitar and follow suit.

On Friday the 14th of December Left of the Dial will be having a tribute to the late, much-missed legend, as well as giving away tickets to the Joe Strummer 10th Anniversary gig at the Academy. We’ll be discussing his lasting contribution to music, his continued influence, and why after 10 years his legacy remains so vital.

We’ll be talking to several members of the Dublin punk scene, Bitzy (the Lee Harveys), PA (Paranoid Visions) and Whelo (the Dubtones). We also be speaking to John from legendary Glasgow punk outfit the Zips, who have just released their homage to Joe, download only single ‘Road to Strummerville‘. All proceeds from the single will go to the charity Strummerville.

We’ll also be talking to Andy from Ireland’s longest running Clash tribute band, Clash Jam Wallop, who host their annual tribute night to in Dublin’s Academy on the 22nd of December. Support on the night will come from those local purveyors of fine 1977 style punk rock, The Lee Harveys.

So tune in from 10 -11.30pm on Friday the 14th of December for Near FM’s celebration of Joe Strummer.

Clash Jam Wallop + The Lee Harveys celebrate Joe Strummers 10th Anniversary at the Academy 2 on Saturday 22nd December.