Angry Bird

Rounding off our second series of new audio drama from women writers is ‘Angry Bird’ by Tamsin Larby.

Broadcasting at 16.30 on the 28th January 2022

Eileen Nolan is a 75-year old ‘force of nature’ who has had enough and because she has nothing to lose, that makes her ferocious!  She sees the populist Far Right as not only dangerous, but comes with discriminatory attitudes towards women, and being a survivor of domestic violence, she won’t tolerate this either.   She eggs the leader of the anti-immigrant “Irish Citizen’s Party” in a very public display to make her point, and starts to really enjoy her new rebellious ‘celebrity’ status.  However, her motives are more complicated than just politics. 

Her solicitor, Lisa Cleary, discovers Eileen has an estranged daughter, Chloe, who desperately wants to reconnect with Eileen as she escapes from her violent husband, but now can’t with all the publicity surrounding her mum.  In trying to bring Chloe back into her life, Eileen has pushed her even further away.  How will she resolve needing to make her political point and get to see her daughter again?


Eileen – Mary McNamara

Radio presenter – Maura Walsh

Alex – Peter Prior

Usher – Declan Cahill

Niall McNally – Noel Kavanagh

Roisin Hayes – Rebecca Blomfield

Garda Larkin – Tommy Campbell

Lisa Cleary – Melissa Nolan

Chris – Ian Shipley

Geraldine – Cleary  Mary Neylon

Chloe Dillon – Frances Keogh   

RTE presenter – Tommy Campbell

Judge Kennedy – Peter Prior

Prison guard – Carol Dempsey

Directed by

Declan Cahill


Marty Gots A Plan by Kevin MacLeod