Kay Farrell Trilogy

Kay Farrell Trilogy

A new 3 part radio drama anthology series dedicated to the memory of founding member of the Near Drama Company, Kay Farrell.

Oct 24th 6pm: Part 1 – Twin Candles by Henry Hudson
September, 2009. Mary and Sarah have been friends for years. Both are spinsters. Mary is seventy-three, ill and housebound. Sarah is sixty-four. She visits Mary every day. Mary is about to reveal a shocking secret about her past.

Oct 31st 6pm: Part 2 – The Hanging Gardener of Ballymun by Jack Byrne
Anto is an out of work Gardner who takes his own life under the belief that his family no longer cared for him and there was no place from him in the world anymore. In death he discovers the truth of what people truly thought of him.

November 7th 6pm: Part 3 – Graduaction by Denis Byrne
Christy is a lodger in a guesthouse, run by a widow who continually complains about her dead husband’s treatment of her during their marriage. The husband’s ashes are in an urn on the Mantelpiece, and the lodger in question is bombarded each morning at breakfast time regarding the husband’s many failings in his past life. But Christy is in for a big shock.

You can hear the episodes after they’ve been broadcast here: