“Hats off to Near FM for their tilt at the EU monster” – Irish Independent 19/04/2014


In a column like this, you tend to fixate on the big stations – understandably, I suppose, as those are nationwide, have the broadest reach and the deepest impact on the radio landscape. Still, it’s nice to focus on smaller stations from time to time, so hats off this week to Near FM.

A community station based in North Dublin, it makes a very refreshing change from the usual local radio, which is mostly computer-programmed pop music with little content that’s tailored to the area, or indeed, of much interest. Near FM, while it has music, also runs a wide range of talk radio. I was especially taken with Europe on Air (Thursday, 4.30pm), a weekly programme which examines the impact of EU policies and decisions on our daily lives.

It sounds boring, I know. But bear with me. Europe on Air manages the remarkable trick of rendering this monolithic, impenetrable, faceless entity – the bureaucratic monster all other bureaucratic monsters call Supreme Master – into something that seems relevant to each of us.