Been There, Seen There

Join intrepid reporter Angus Beef, and his junior assistant semi-producer intern Beany Tuthail, as they show you a side of Dublin you’ve never seen before. ‘Been There, Seen There’ is a new six part series of guided tours of historic Dublin locations. The show takes you on a whirlwind tour of parks, monuments and museums, with a twist. Each episode is completely fictional. Listeners will be intrigued by false facts about Casino Marino (the infamous 18th century pleasure dome), thrilled to learn the of the mysterious secrets of the villainous sir Hugh Lane, and astounded at the mysteries of the Phoenix Park at night. The show will blend truth and fiction, creating a new way to appreciate North Dublin’s heritage sites – as listeners learn a litany of false facts and participate in an unexpectedly comedic radio drama.

“Been there, Seen there” is a new 6 part comedy series from the pen of Near Fm volunteer Gareth Stack.

Broadcasting every Friday from March 22nd at 6.30pm on 90.3 Near FM

Written and Produced by: Gareth Stack
Starring: Alison Spittle, Gordon Rochford, Niamh Hanley Gareth Stack
Sound Engineering: Gavin Byrne, Gareth Stack, Jin Lim