Audio Drama – Breathing Space

Airing Thursday November 3rd at 18.00 is Breathing Space, a comedy drama about an accidental astronaut being ghosted by a space agency on her journey to Mars. Bridget Jones meets Gravity while Waiting For Godot.

It is the year 2032 and civilian guinea pig Ciara Fitzpatrick is aboard the first solo flight to
Mars. When Mission Control fails to make contact and the daily audio diary entries she
sends out are ignored, she quickly realises how far she is out of her depth.

As the days and weeks go by with no word back, the isolation and frustration close in and
Ciara’s mood swings intensify. Careening between playful, paranoid and philosophical, she
desperately attempts to stay optimistic and sane with no end in sight.

When she finally receives instructions from Mission Control and has the choice to either self-
destruct or save herself, Ciara is confronted with an uncomfortable truth. Time is running out
but the decision isn’t as clear-cut as one would expect.


Ciara Fitzpatrick – Eileen Walsh

Mission Control – John McGuire

Directed by Anna Nugent

Script by Dorothy Cotter

Made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television License Fee.