Alarm Bells

Broadcasting Tuesday December 14th at 6pm, on Near FM

Alarm Bells is a radio play written and produced by the Green Ember Arts collective. It portrays the escalating housing crisis through an anthology of short scenes in which a small fraction of those most affected by homelessness are represented. Alarm Bells examines the reality of the housing crisis and the contrast of a dominant media narrative of economic recovery. Ireland now has over 100,000 people on public housing lists and over 10,000 homeless.

Eva Blackwell, Adam Redmond, Kyle Gardiner, Gareth White, Tara Power, Alan O’Brien, Des Egan, Melissa Nolan, Cassie Ivers, Chloe Rooney, Shauna Kindillon, Geraldine McCallahan, Frank Allen, Brendan Laird, Margaret O’Brien, Dainora Vilkonciute, Chael Vilkonciute, Camillus John, Jorja Siwale, Taryn Siwale and Nathan McKenzie.

Dave Blackwell, Alan O’Brien, Patrick Ferris, Berni Dwan.

Producers: Dave Blackwell, Berni Dwan.
Director: Patrick Ferris.
Editors: David Blackwell, Neil Farrelly.
Sound: David Blackwell, Neil Farrelly, Paul Loughran.
Music: Thomas McCarthy

Made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, with the television licence fee.