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  • Ethical Media for Active Citizenship – The EMAC project

    Ethical Media for Active Citizenship – The EMAC project

    The proliferation of mass media and new technologies has brought about decisive changes in and challenges to human communication processes and behaviour. The change in the media landscape has also impacted the role and social, professional and ethical responsibilities of journalists. These changes in the role that media plays in the life of citizens has highlighted the importance of responsible media reporting. Media communicators and audiences now face the task to separate facts from fiction in media texts. However, it […]

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  • SMART Training for all

    SMART Training for all

    In 2013, six European community radio organisations got together to share their training knowledge and resources and offer them in the shape of an on-line resource to all other community radio trainers. The SMART project, funded by the Leonardo Transfer of Innovation fund, allowed the trainers to adapt and experience specific activities and methodologies for three target groups: vision impaired/blind participants, migrant women and trainees with learning difficulties. Community radio trainers face the challenge of facilitating high quality training in […]

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  • Want to Make a Change in your Community

    Want to Make a Change in your Community

    Everyone’s Voice Counts….So LET’S HEAR YOURS! Near FM (in association with CRAOL and The Community Foundation for Ireland) will be giving FREE Radio Training to people aged 55+ who would like to see a change in their community and want to be part of that change. This course is a QQI Level 3 accredited course in ‘Media Expression’ and is about making radio that matters and giving people a chance to have their say. The course will start in October and will be held […]

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